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My Life in General
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Friday, March 19th, 2004
12:39 pm
ok so hmm whats been going on in my life recently.

not much.

Ive been trying to stay in to save some loot. but it isnt working. the loot disapears faster than I can take it in sometimes.

but this week has been a week of uppers and downers.

Lets start off with the uppers.

I think I will move in with ADAM and JOHN.
it will be cool as long as I can deal with johns absent mindedness, and adams self righteous causes towards self enlightenment that often causes him to tweak out. but thats john. absent minded,
and thats adam. thinking so hard nothing happens. i wonder where Ill fit in?

the fuckers at work are taking away my desk.
and my computer.

I need an oil change.

and I feel Über-shity about my staion in life.

i needah come to my sences.

I think all the drama has me tweakafied

well lunch is over.

time to go save the free world from terrorists!

Current Mood: confused
Monday, March 8th, 2004
12:29 pm

let me clear my throat!
uh huh uh huh!

so its been a while and a half

Ive missed out on tellin you all about my birthday and snowboarding and my new TV and meditiation. wow thats a lot

I just really have been trying to find a place to host my pictures. I wonder if NU will do it. they fucking owe me.

so where to begin..
howavbout the present
well right now I am eating the most munchable meatloaf EVER!

ok now I ate it all...

working backwords isnt fun
so lets start at my birthday...
pics to follow....

well there was an absolute blowout for my birthday.
it was great. my bestfriends from home ED and RYAN swung by for the night to party party. it was great. first we stopped at my apt to have a few cordials then we headed over to JOHN and ADAM's apartment. NIKKI and KATHRYN's cousing KIM were also there. as well as most of the family; TIMMA, RAICH, LINDSAY, KATHRYN, FRANK, etc etc etc. so we all pregamed there for an hour or so before vamoosing to club Embassy.
I have never had soo much fun at a club as I had that night. Everyone was buying drinks for me. (hey it was my birthday) ADAM and STEVEO both bought me bottles of MÖET! mad yum yumn styles. I can hardly remember the music, although it was pounding so loud, in my memory it feels like background music because I was having such a good time dancing and partying with friends.

well more analisis of this event will ocure when I am not at work
but till then

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
10:24 pm
what happens on a tuesday?
So its Tuesday

3rd week of US Genomics. Ive allready figgured out that I am more intelligent than my boss. oh how sad. this man must make more money than G-D himself! But seriously, this guy is allways licking his lips like some sort of crack head. hmmm i wonder. for this project we are doing, I am supposed to design this holder for a microscope slide. Well he allready "knows what its going to look like." He isnt going to be using this slide holder tho, he is just designing it. I figgered, well why dont i go talk to the people that would be using said mechanism to see what features they would like to see. When I told him i talked to the people he made it seem almost unimportant. I was lke WTF! im doing my job correct. so then he is talking to some of the people about the part that we are building for them. And I mention how maybe it could be doen differently, and how I allready talked to ppl. so HE sets up meetings with them becuase obviously Im not inteligent enough to fuckin do the job right! GRRRRRR!


So i go to get my car inspected. I put the fuckin front licence plate on (for 15 min to not fail) but it failed anyway. fucking for a windshield wiper. WTF! rrrrrrRRRR! and to make it worse, it broke like the day before I got it inspected. yea it broke on monday.
and I wont be able to see through any sort of precipitation if it occurs cuz the wiper is useless!



Im just in a shitty shitty mood.

how about

how about a list...

a list of things I like....

Dave's Favorite Things!

10) WEED, Ok well Mary jane had to be SOMEWHERE on this list. and I couldnt put it anywhere Higher haha higher... than 10....

9) The colors Orange and Grey, and the number 212. or 2:12. O&G are def the best colors together, co-existing in a way that none can understand. And speakin of understand. 212? 212 is an absolute mystery of the universe. It can show up anywhere and when it finds you, it could knock you off your feet!

8) VITA! I heart my orange and grey snake

7)) Head. Really, who doesnt like it. I love it. must I say more?

6) Being respected. Respect is a big thing. yes. yes it is. if you dont think so. bite me.

5) partys/social events. ok, antyoher thing I like. tasting the finer things in life. driving fast, spending too much money, nights I cant remember. names i cant remember. drinking hmm this number needs to disapear...

4) Snowboarding. Holy shit. whippin down the mountain and jumpin over piles of snow makes me feel like a little kid again. soo fuckin fun.

3a) Cars / Driving

3b) Dancing. Dancing slow. Dancing Close.

2a) Sex. mmmmmm sex. (homer simpson style) anything new!

2b) Friends. Holy shit you guys are fun. It definatly makes my day when I get to see some friends!

1) Girls. I fucking LOVE girls. especially if they are into any of the things I am into (see above)

hmmm some other things I like.




holding hands (yea but what ever)

gettting shit done.


Current Mood: dorky
Friday, January 16th, 2004
8:55 pm
test again.

10:54 am

10:44 am
10:43 am
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
7:04 pm
ok peeps.

Ive been told to updtate more and more often so herrrrrrrrrrre we go.

ok song of the day.

Donnel Jones- This love.

hmmm whats next.

im gonna quit smoken butts. ive got a reason.

hmm lyrics of the day...
I wanna li li li lick you from your head to your toes
and I wanna move from the bed down to the down to the to the floor
I wanna ah ah I make it so good you don't wanna leave
but I got to kn kn kn know what's your fan-ta-sy


ok more pics?

a lil more nikki huh? sure.

work is good .. Ive been given 3 jobs to do. much better than any other job, cuz im BUSY! holy shit! thats a first. hopefully they (and I) can keep it up for 6 months. i dont regret it. do you?

Want more?


Im glad you are wasting your time withme, Id love to waste my time with you.

Thakns raich! your awesome. after making that list, which ended up being to many tally marks and not enough names, Ive think Ive really learend what to use selecting. Those names better be special!

ok hmm

on more pic.

now that is special!

isnt that a hot ass?


take a closer look at that tat'!

i lied one more!

but ill get to that eventually.. first i gottah rant a bit.

i feel bad for my poppa john. He is getting the short fucking end of thef'ing stick!
he is one of the nicest (temper sometimes) guys i know, and he is getting totally shit on by one of the nicest (cattiest) girls I know.
any advice for this poor soul?

i feel cracked out right now. Im like hyper but tired.

ok I dont wanna bore you heres that ass... reprise!

Current Mood: listless
Monday, January 12th, 2004
12:47 am
here she is!
this is Nikki. She is a little bunny, not a princess.

Current Mood: quixotic
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
11:57 pm
Work and weekend
Well its been a while since I posted, so Ill try to make this a good one.

So, work started this week. it was quite a busy week. Working with this new company, I found myself feeling a little over my head. Then my immediate boss left, and I felt like more lost, but much more independent. by the time Friday came around, I started feeling like part of the team, by giving input during company meetings and being responsible for my own project without guidance while my boss is away. So this company is pretty crazy, they use 5 different lasers to analyze a sample of DNA. the lasers read the DNA intermediately and can eventually read the basic proteins AGTC and U if you remember that shit. so that was work

This weekend was ok. MAD COLD! like 2'. that really sucked. Last night was the pats game, but more importantly, Nikki came down for her second visit to come see us out here in Boston. She's cool shit. =) But anyway, we had a few drinks and hung out, and went to lunch the next day.

here's to you independence!


Current Mood: impressed
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
7:19 pm
somehting you can do in Springfield
This is something you can do in Springfield that you can't do in boston.

Dollar Shot night.

I went for 2 rounds of this and afterword I looked like this.

this is me lost in springfield in the freezing cold.


well now that that is out of the way. its time to talk more about snowboarding.

I did some snowboarding this weekend during the snowstorm. I went to one of the new dorms on campus and started riding down the steps. it was mad fun stylez. I got my picture taken. I almost hit this dumb girl, but i swear I couldnt get out of the way, I was sliding on brick.

so school is almost over, i cant wait to get a jobber. its gona be so sweet getting paid again! whew!

this just in! i found out katlyn is still a slut! ahha

now for the next order of bizzz...

Merry Christmas !
and a happy new year!
Thursday, December 4th, 2003
8:09 pm
Happy thanksgiving!
yea ok thanksgiving was good. but then the next days I started getting sicl

just to give you some advice. GET THE FLU SHOT! or you wont be as happy as this girl.

but seriously, beng sick sucked alot, and when I got back here thursday (that is 4 days late!) everyone else started getting sick so pleez take my advice and get the shot. (even tho the government puts something in it) uff.

well. My ski trip is getting shittier and shittier. peeps from home canceled. Two of my close friends here are acting childish about it. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! uff
so if anyone wants to go on a trip, lemme know!

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
4:14 pm
Whats up on a Wednesday
Well, to tell you one thing, I have NO MONEY! offf UFFF . . but not much has changed in my life except the new found debt in my life. I havn't been able to afford to go out. that sucks a fatt one if you know what I mean. But I do have a seasons pass for snowboarding, so that looks like a cheap and fun time. It's hard to say what direction I am taking in my life, but if I would have to pick one, i would say nowhere. look! im sitting here writing this. I am POSITIVE i could think of a better use for my time. Just like you have time to read this. HIPPOCRITE!

well. folks. hmm,

its almost thanksgiving, and my sisters birthday. I wonder what I should get her.... Any suggestions?

ok i think Ill post a pic.

Me and El

Ok thats all for now. Ohh, if any of you are interrested in coming up to mount snow in Jan. let me know ASAP

Current Mood: restless
Saturday, November 15th, 2003
2:54 pm
Pic of the Week!
I Don't know what you heard about me!

Thursday, November 13th, 2003
1:53 am
I went snowboarding Tuesday. Mad fun.

We were going to drive up tuesday morning, but decided it was best to get there the day before to get the best riding. This was at about 7:30-8pm, so we finally get our shit together, and we leave a little after 12. UFF! we didnt get to Vermont untill 3-330 am.
It was quite rough. There were 5 of us and two beds. even more rough. uff.

So we get up the next moring, Burn a little bit, and head to the mountain. 2nd day of being open. It was Killington.

everything was all brown, except for the few trails that werte open. Most of the trails were ungroomed (aka MOGULS AND BIG HOLES) so I pulled alot of my stomach muscles twisting etc. but I worked alot on ym techique.

It was a good first trip. cant wait for the next one! +++++ for the all east ski pass!

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, November 7th, 2003
9:14 pm

Getting Huge

Sorrry its been so long, but now that I have have pic hiosting, pics are worth a thousand words!


Current Mood: blah
Friday, October 17th, 2003
10:16 pm
j. thomas

Walking on Boston's streets
a thousand voices exchanging tongue
It was out eyes that spoke to eachother
The vernacular of beauty
I turned around and it was there

That I found you Extending your hand invincibly
And lying in wait was mine
And the time?
Its only been seven hours since I last looked at you
I miss you
And all those kisses are still upon my lips
Yours and mine... they just fit
And the hours that we spent exchanging
It was then that I found you, re-arranging me
Your turned something inside me back on
I'm surprised you got thru,
She's been damaged and dangerous
But today and yesterday you showed her comfort
And I let go and tried to show you a piece of me
You've only gotten bits and pieces though I'm a little scared to realese the rest
But I think we should invest our free time into seeking out the layers we haven't exposed
And get to know eacother
I'll open a few doors for you to explore
You're worth the distance
I'll drive and be a misfit in Boston
Travle the city nights Delve into bright lights
And roam, with you
You're so damn cute
And your speaking vioce if I had it I'd never be silent
It's gotten into my eardrums like the soft hum in a lulaby
Where did you come from?
I'm numb from my exploration
I have no explanation
But I still know I'm wounded
I can't fake it and tune into a different channel
But since I've met you I've been like Hannibal waiting to digest more of you
you're sweet, sometimes sour
The kind of flavour my lips beg to devour
Could you taste me?
Sorry if I was a little bitter
My spices have been used up lately
The chef fried me dry
But me?
I expose thee to the world
A woman, a girl
I'm here to breathe beginnings in and exhale the endings
I'll just be spending my time finding my way
And on this journey I bu,ped into you
Our personlaties given the chance to brew
We'll see what happens as these hours shift
As these kisses kiss
As these eyes focus
We'll spread out likethe petals of a lotus
It's peace I obtain through the storms of terrential rain I've been given
But like I said, strength was driven into my interior
I'll never be inferior to the men in this universe
I mention pride
And all these women with women or no women by thier side
Proudly, confidently heads held high
we're rising as does the sun
We shine just a little bit brighter
Even though this world had become a gutter for people's carelessness
We're still stepping up, fed up
So sit down and I'll shower you with words of poetry
Free of fee, I just want your company
I just want to smile back at your smile for a while
And slip between your epidermis and your soul
Roll around your curves and swerve into you
So take this hand, let's have fun
We'll see the possibilities as to where this goes
I'll write these odes
Expose these layers
Release my language thoughtfully
Because softly, you've been a shiver upon my spine
And you've been resting on my mind
And here is where I find me
My poetry, it exposes me
So thank you for the inspiration
And if there is anything you want to know just ask me
Fill me with your knowledge
I'm here to listen
Just don't whisper
I love the voice
What it's done has hoist me a little higher
Rewired my auditory senses
I like that
I like this
Bliss flows just like the water
In a state of purity you can't catch it
You just feel.

Current Mood: touched
Monday, October 6th, 2003
2:37 am
Aight children, how is your fall "semester" panning out so far?

well that sucks if you didnt say that you were doing excellent.


Wel I got my motorcycle wednesday.... All the way up in VT. It was a 400 mile JOURNEY~ im not lying.

even tho I burnt my brains out on the way, the trip was still SUPA long.

then once we finnaly managed to put the bike in the trunk of Craigs Jeep Cherokee, we had to drive the whole way home witht he gate open becuase the whole bike didnt fit inside.

But anywho, karma has been working for me and that makes me feel good abotu myself.

I guess if you treat people with respect, and noto make judgements life gets much better..

From now on I will be making an addition to this post.
I will be calling it, "I screwed this up" by: David Ladzenski

I will let you all know that my biggest fuck up is time management and saying I can be two places at once.... not possible....

well I gottah jett.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
12:42 am
new postage yo!

uff lost big big hands tonight, but I came back in ym last hand to come up .50 cents short of what I started. awesome since I was down almost 15!

School is doing allright, my snake wont eat, so I fed my spider a mouse!@


um anywho, havent seen many peeps cept the crew, so i figgered i sould bring them home this weekend to xperiance Wmass.

well Im tired more posts tomorow aboutthe bike I am building!


Current Mood: drained
Monday, September 8th, 2003
2:59 am
Long time no post
Hey all you Crazy Dave fans. Glad you are still interrested in my life.
well maybenot. but hey.

So its Sunday night,. I am finnaly a junior. and the more I think about it, the more I miss freshman year. Like damn, how fun ws that. Tonite I went to the club Venue and it was a good time. MAAAAD nu pepes in the house, wel more like all NU peeps. I mustah danced with 6-7 hot girls! wowie.

Well that was tonite.

the rst of the vacation has been going OK...

I burned alot with adam and Z and Raich which was an excelent time.
Matter of factly, last night, we went to the charles to just chill out and sit and wel smoke,,,,

It was nice to be out in the city and npot stuck on the 4 block betwen adams place and my own. The CIty looks so nice at night... I wich I had somone to go walk arouind with.... =(

In other news, I kindah half met some girl through a friend from class, hopefully I will bump into her sooner than later.

Hmm what else.

The other day was Lindsays birthday. It was a good time, I had fun dancing (wowo I do that alot) It was at purple shamrock.just so you all know...

Well not much else to say about anything. sooo
I am gonna peace out of this shizzie and it the sack. Dont change that dial because I wil post again soon
hopefully some pictures, if anyone can tell me how to do that...

laterz ~Dave

Current Mood: satisfied
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